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There are two main ways to run Graphile Worker: CLI mode and library mode. Library mode trades some convenience for power, giving you more options as to how you configure the worker.

We recommend CLI mode for most users.


Instead of running graphile-worker via the CLI, you may use it directly in your Node.js code.

Add the worker to your project:

npm install --save graphile-worker

Run the worker

The following is equivalent to the setup in the CLI quickstart:

const { run } = require("graphile-worker");

async function main() {
// Run a worker to execute jobs:
const runner = await run({
connectionString: "postgres:///my_db",
concurrency: 5,
// Install signal handlers for graceful shutdown on SIGINT, SIGTERM, etc
noHandleSignals: false,
pollInterval: 1000,
// you can set the taskList or taskDirectory but not both
taskList: {
hello: async (payload, helpers) => {
const { name } = payload;`Hello, ${name}`);
// or:
// taskDirectory: `${__dirname}/tasks`,

// Immediately await (or otherwise handle) the resulting promise, to avoid
// "unhandled rejection" errors causing a process crash in the event of
// something going wrong.
await runner.promise;

// If the worker exits (whether through fatal error or otherwise), the above
// promise will resolve/reject.

main().catch((err) => {

Add a job via the library

You can also use the library to quickly add a job:

const { quickAddJob } = require("graphile-worker");

// makeWorkerUtils options
{ connectionString: "postgres:///my_db" },

// Task identifier

// Payload
{ name: "Bobby Tables" },
).catch((err) => {

Though quickAddJob is a quick and easy way for you to add a one-off job, it is not the recommended to use it in your main application due to inefficiency. It's fine for one-off scripts like this, but in your main application you should use WorkerUtils' addJob method..


Running these two examples should output something like:

[core] INFO: Worker connected and looking for jobs... (task names: 'hello')
[job(worker-7327280603017288: hello{1})] INFO: Hello, Bobby Tables
[worker(worker-7327280603017288)] INFO: Completed task 1 (hello) with success (0.16ms)
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