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Forbidden flags

When a job is created (or updated via job_key), you may set its flags to a list of strings. When the worker is run in library mode, you may pass the forbiddenFlags option to indicate that jobs with any of the given flags should not be executed.

await run({
// ...
forbiddenFlags: forbiddenFlags,

The forbiddenFlags option can be:

  • null
  • an array of strings
  • a function returning null or an array of strings
  • an (async) function returning a promise that resolve to null or an array of strings

If forbiddenFlags is a function, graphile-worker will invoke it each time a worker looks for a job to run, and will skip over any job that has any flag returned by your function. You should ensure that forbiddenFlags resolves quickly; it's advised that you maintain a cache you update periodically (e.g. once a second) rather than always calculating on the fly, or use pub/sub or a similar technique to maintain the forbidden flags list.

For an example of how this can be used to achieve rate-limiting logic, see the graphile-worker-rate-limiter project and the discussion on issue #118.

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