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Error handling

You might be wondering what happens if something goes wrong? Here are a few common ways things can go wrong, and how Graphile Worker handles them.

Task failure

If a job throws an error, the job is failed and scheduled for retries with exponential back-off. We use async/await so, assuming you write your task code well, all errors should be cascaded down automatically.

Termination signal

If the worker is sent a termination signal (SIGTERM, SIGINT, etc), it triggers a graceful shutdown i.e. it stops accepting new jobs, waits for the existing jobs to complete, and then exits. If you need to restart your worker, you should do so using this graceful process. After 5 seconds (during which more terminal signals are ignored), if another terminal signal is sent it will trigger a forceful shutdown: all running jobs will be failed (i.e. will retry on another worker after their exponential back-off) and then the worker will exit.

Instantaneous exit

If the worker is terminated in a way that cannot be handled (e.g. process.exit(), segfault, SIGKILL, someone pulled the power cord, etc) then the jobs that that worker was executing remain locked for at least 4 hours. Every 8-10 minutes a worker will sweep for jobs that have been locked for more than 4 hours and will make them available to be processed again automatically. If you run many workers, each worker will do this, so it's likely that jobs will be released closer to the 4 hour mark. You can unlock jobs earlier than this by clearing the locked_at and locked_by columns on the relevant tables.

If the worker schema has not yet been installed into your database, the following error may appear in your PostgreSQL server logs. This is completely harmless and should only appear once as the worker will create the schema for you.

ERROR: relation "graphile_worker.migrations" does not exist at character 16
STATEMENT: select id from "graphile_worker".migrations order by id desc limit 1;

Database migration

If a new version of Graphile Worker is ran against the database, and this version includes new migrations, then a NOTIFY event will be issued. Graphile Worker 0.16+ will LISTEN for this event, and will shut down if it is received.

Error codes

  • GWBKM - Invalid job_key_mode value, expected 'replace', 'preserve_run_at' or 'unsafe_dedupe'.
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