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A high performance job queue for PostgreSQL, written in Node.js

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Automatic retries with automatic exponential backoff; built on Postgres' reliable transactions. Never lose a job.

High Performance

Up to 10,000 jobs per second; keep your infrastructure simple (just Postgres and Node) and focus on your project!

Low Latency

Jobs start in milliseconds thanks to Postgres' LISTEN/NOTIFY; delight customers with near real-time background processing.

Cron Jobs

Set up repeating tasks with minute-by-minute granularity; optional backfill to cover times when your servers weren't running.

Job Control

Schedule jobs to run in the future. Debounce jobs to avoid redundant work. Cancel or update scheduled jobs.

Easy Migration

Want to migrate to a dedicated job queue later? No problem! Examples of exporting jobs to other queues are included!

Use The Stack You Have

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Hey 👋 currently using Worker in production. It's been a fantastic library that has allowed us to really simplify our tech stack to bootstrap projects.


I have Worker running along with postgrest and it is the perfect companion. It helps keep the dev ops side super simple — Graphile Worker runs right from within the node project if you want it to — reducing costs and devops complexity.


Worker let us scale out millions of tasks. Graphile tooling has become the standard of quality and thoughtfulness by which I judge all other libraries when evaluating them for use.


I use Postgres as a queue using Graphile Worker and it works perfectly. No need for another moving part when the data I need is in the db. Also avoids having to do outbox stuff.

Crowd-funded open-source software

We're extremely grateful to our sponsors, for helping to fund ongoing development on Graphile Worker, Graphile Migrate, PostGraphile and the wider Graphile suite of tools. THANK YOU!

Development Support

Priority text support straight from the maintainer

Give your company access to the knowledge and experience of the Graphile team through your chat server and GitHub/GitLab organization. Reference your code verbatim and arrange calls for any trickier topics.

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